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Content Without Borders

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Content Without Borders is an open access repository that provides access to educational resources contributed by academic institutions and repositories from around the world. The repository's resources are made available according to the individual licensing agreements of contributing institutions and are accessible through content harvesting, remote repositories search, or via direct access to the website.

The EQUELLA Content Exchange provides an easy-to-use platform to share and sell content between EQUELLA instances. Private exchanges within a consortium, free exchanges of OER resources, and various eCommerce models can all easily be powered by EQUELLA. Resources can be provided free of charge, sold outright or by subscription.  The EQUELLA Content Exchange offers over one million Open Educational Resources from a variety of sources. These resources can easily be discovered and downloaded for free to any version 6 installation of EQUELLA via Content Without Borders.

Explore the  Content Without Borders repository and discover learning content from contributing institutions. You can reuse and repurpose these resources for use within your own curriculum.

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