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EQUELLA and Moodle: A Love Story

EQUELLA and Moodle: A Love Story

"To EQUELLA with Love" is a story about a lonely boy called Moodle who is tired, lonely and over worked. One day he meets EQUELLA and then everything changes!

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Utah Education Network

Utah Education Network

Every day over 2,000 educators in Utah access EQUELLA to download videos, podcasts, images and teacher guides which aid effective instruction. The Utah Education Network is up to 3TB of content downloads, including video, podcastings and 20,000 images.

 How has EQUELLA impacted upon different client institutions around the globe?

TAFE NSW, one of the largest EQUELLA implementations in the world achieved;

  • An integrated system that supports over 12,000 courses, in 130 campuses, across the 10 TAFE NSW Institutes
  • The development of high quality educational content that can be accessed and utilised over 119 million teaching hours, for potentially 25,000 educators and 480,000 students across the ten institutes

What did Florida Distance Learning Consortium discover?

  • The Orange Grove repository has potential access by 230,000 educators and approximately 2 million students and contains over 700 open access textbooks and 40,000 resources
  • Florida Distance Learning Consortium developed Orange Groves Text Plus (OGT+) through a partnership with the University Press of Florida
  • Initiative makes quality, open access textbooks available to faculty and students anywhere at no or low cost; books may be downloaded for free or a commercial "print on demand" book may be purchased for a modest cost through the repository

Oxford Brookes University explored the value of a blended repository:

  • The multi-purpose archive manages and stores over 5,000 research and teaching resources
  • Content is available at various levels, including open access collections, such as the University's research archive and open educational resources 
  • Costs are reduced through the efficient use and consolidation of resources, applications and servers
  • Making its research publicly available through EQUELLA will increase the number of citations, providing more funding to the institution