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Featured Download

Pearson offers a range of professional services that deliver structured, methodical, and successful deployments of the EQUELLA digital repository solution.


Strategy: Define your content objectives

Strategic planning will provide a clear pathway to ensure a balance in interests and objectives for your institution's digital repository.


Implementation: Design your repository

As an enterprise-wide solution, EQUELLA provides a diverse range of deployment capabilities to address the varying requirements of different institutions.

Content Migration

Content Migration: Populate your content within EQUELLA

Organisations seeking to enhance their content management can utilise EQUELLA to efficiently deliver content stored within various learning management systems.

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Training: Educate your users

The EQUELLA Certification Program is designed to equip users with the skillset to interact with EQUELLA effectively.

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Production Monitoring: Support your installation

EQUELLA has been deployed within institutions around the world and increasingly serves as a mission-critical repository for content.

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Hosting Solutions: Benefit from a hosted environment

To support the implementation of EQUELLA within an institution, the EQUELLA hosting partners provide a range of managed hosting solutions.