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Access, Affordability and Achievement

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Aligning Common Core State Standards to educational outcomes with EQUELLA

A digital repository is a strategic investment that helps education leaders meet their strategic objectives around access, affordability and achievement. At a growing number of institutions and state systems, the institutional repository serves as a hub for programs in each of these three crucial areas.


By providing anywhere/anytime access to digital assets, content is discovered and used more frequently and by more people. This maximizes the value of both an institution's investment in library and research collections, and the time educators invest in developing new learning materials.

EQUELLA supports the efficient delivery of learning content to instructors and students in distributed and remote locations. For example, Pearson's digital repository team worked with a distributed, rural school system to set up a cost-effective way to download streaming video content from a satellite feed and cache that content on a Mac Mini in each school, thereby affording students in isolated locations the same quality of learning content as their peers in metropolitan areas with better local infrastructure.



Content that is created or purchased by one user can be shared and reused as often as needed. For instance, a video used to demonstrate the reproductive process could be used for a health course, a science course and a human genetics course simultaneously. By sharing digital assets, less administrative effort and time is needed for sourcing content, thereby increasing return on investment.

EQUELLA can be used to collect and distribute Open Educational Resources and cost-effective custom eBooks to students, thereby lowering students' cost of course materials. Recent studies have shown that for some segments of students, the cost of course materials can equal as much as 40% of the cost of tuition and fees. School and campus leaders worldwide are using digital repositories as content distribution backbones to increase affordability for students.

Effective storage and presentation of research content enables an institution to be evaluated and certified by key industry bodies and programs, raising an institution's profile and level of grant funding.



Schools, colleges and universities are increasingly being held accountable for measuring and reporting on student performance against specified learning outcomes. EQUELLA helps by allowing educators to tag learning content by outcome or objective, rate content and share comments on their usage experience, and track usage of learning content. With consistent structure and analytics in place to measure the usage and effectiveness of learning content, educators can make better decisions about what materials to use in their curriculum.