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Corporate Training

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EQUELLA for corporate training providers

EQUELLLA's high configurability enables the platform to meet a wide range of organisational training and business requirements.

Supporting corporate training processes in organisations worldwide, EQUELLA delivers an efficient organisational document management solution to effectively store, manage and distribute training, policy, procedure, project and organisational management content.

How will EQUELLA enhance your organisation's training, content and performance?

• Centralised digital repository consolidates and retains training content as your organisation's staff and enrolments grow

• Seamless interoperability with existing organisational web and intranet applications, portals and learning management systems

• Provides remote dissemination of content for a distributed workforce

• Content security restricts access and permissions to owners, groups or roles in the platform

• Migration of existing content and data from current databases and learning management systems

EQUELLA's flexibility enables organisations to continue to utilise current system infrastructure and configurations and improve overall performance of infrastructure and staff, while extensive APIs enable integration with current organisational systems.

The added ability to report on usage and content along with audit capabilities will strengthen the evaluation of your organisation's interaction with content.