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Document Management

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Centralise Content and Maximize Resources

EQUELLA's value extends beyond the obvious. Many institutions initially deploy EQUELLA as a teaching and learning repository, a research repository, or library repository, but soon find that EQUELLA serves equally well as an administrative document management solution for the institution or system.

Monitor and measure access and usage of all digital assets

With EQUELLA, institutions can easily and effectively monitor and measure access and usage of all digital assets to ensure all resources are being used appropriately and where most relevant.


Consolidate multiple systems into a single digital repository

By consolidating multiple systems into one repository solution, EQUELLA can be used as a collaborative repository for teaching and learning, research, media, and library content, removing the need for a range of disparate (and costly) systems.


Store multiple document types

Through facilitating the storage of various document types, EQUELLA fosters a spirit of collaboration. Users benefit from a consistent metadata schema that adds value and convenience to their interaction with other institutional systems. Frequently used document types include:

  • Research theses
  • Teaching and learning content
  • Exam papers
  • Course outlines
  • Online reading lists
  • Copyrighted items


Create and store multiple, associated versions of individual documents

EQUELLA's efficient workflow enables the creation and storage of multiple versions of content, providing users with the ability to share and reuse different elements of a document, even as the content evolves. The flexibility of EQUELLA allows users to retrieve previous versions, continue their work from a selected point, and then track and store these updated documents.


Control access and permissions to owners, groups, and users

The institutional repository allows educators and administrators to control access and permissions across content owners, groups and users, thus ensuring appropriate stakeholder involvement.


Dynamic metadata ACLs 

The Dynamic metadata ACL feature extends the way users set metadata ACLs for items during contribution to enable the creation of permissions dynamically based on user, group or role IDs. Once a rule is set up for a collection, a contributor can select a user, group or role (depending on the rule), and preconfigured ACLs will be set automatically.