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Discovery and Access

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EQUELLA: The Digital Repository

EQUELLA: The Digital Repository

What if you could change the way your educators and students interact with digital content? EQUELLA enables users to utilise a single platform that ensures your content is always where you left it, in a central place.

Unlock the Value of Your Learning Content

EQUELLA is a powerful digital repository that can store and manage a range of different content types.

Discovery And Access To Institutional Content Updated Copy

  • Simple descriptive text
  • Learning objects (IMS, SCORM and METS packages)
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Lecture captures
  • Audio clips
  • Podcasts
  • eBooks
  • PDFs
  • MS Word™ documents
  • ZIP files
  • Web links and pages
  • Journal articles
  • Book chapters
  • Animations and simulations
  • QTI Assessment Quizzes

By centralising search and access of learning content into a single institutional repository, schools, colleges and universities enjoy a variety of benefits.


Access to internal and external content

EQUELLA is content-centric. Institutions utilise EQUELLA to manage a range of internal, instructor-produced content, as well as external content from sources such as YouTube, Google Books, iTunes U, Flickr, Microsoft Office, Kaltura, Echo360 and Open Educational Resource (OER) initiatives. EQUELLA also supports a wide variety of standards such as SCORM and METS.


QTI Assessment Support

QTI assessment support enables users to manage and share assessments in EQUELLA, deliver them through a variety of learning management systems (LMS) and record the student's progress in the LMS Gradebook.  Users will now have the opportunity to discover, play and interact with QTI assessment objects; once the different questions that conform to the QTI assessment standard are developed in EQUELLA, the QTI test is then published inside the LMS.


HTML editor plug-in framework 

The HMTL editor plug-in framework enables third-party plug-ins to be uploaded and used in the EQUELLA HTML editor, including equation editors and graphing functionality for expanded mathematical representation.  This feature also provides users with the ability to track changes in the HTML editor and utilise auto-text capabilities. This will improve the internal authoring capabilities of EQUELLA.


Powerful search capabilities

EQUELLA enables tagging of content in any metadata format for easy search and discovery. Users also have the ability to define the parameters they wish to use to discover content - whether that's by the simple use of keywords, or based on standards, learning outcomes, or content format. Additionally, dynamic hierarchies allow administrators to create an environment where users can browse through categories to target their searches and auto completion search functionality delivers beneficial extra intelligence built into searches. Tailoring properties of each search, users also have the option to view relevance score and attachment inclusion messages, configure boosting factors, toggle the attachment search option, sort by creation date and access Images and Videos view.


Anywhere, anytime access

EQUELLA is a web-based solution that enables anywhere, anytime access to learning content either directly through a web interface, or through seamless integrations with existing learning management systems (LMS). This ensures secure, centralised access to content for those that need it.


Course authoring and sharing made easy

EQUELLA simplifies the process of collaboration among educators, enabling learning content to be shared and developed in collaboration. EQUELLA's built-in course authoring workflows and extensive functionality enable content to be shared across courses, departments, and institutions. In addition, users can rate content items stored in EQUELLA and add comments to help other educators decide if a particular piece of content is right for them.


Extended Discoverability

The extension of discoverability (Search Engine Optimisation) in EQUELLA strengthens the visibility of webpages within search engines. Via scripting, this feature provides the user with the ability to add meta tags (information) that improve the way Google, and other search engines can index the resources. This optimisation is useful for both research materials and collections used as part of an open access repository.


The EQUELLA Content Exchange

The EQUELLA Content Exchange provides users with the ability to purchase subscription, outright or utilise free content and enables EQUELLA clients to on sell their own content through the exchange.


Mobile App

Access EQUELLA via mobile devices with the new mobile app for iPad and Android tablets, which enables users to view resources owned by the logged in user as well as notifications and tasks.


CDN (Content Delivery Network) 

EQUELLA now delivers support for CDN (Content Delivery Network) for the global distribution of localised content to improve network access speeds.  Improving the reliability and efficiency of content delivery, this functionality enhances internet downloads and streams to ensure your institutional team are receiving content from the localised content server as quickly as possible.  


Gallery view

Gallery view presents users with the opportunity to build an Images and Videos View that displays search results with image and video attachments in a thumbnail format that delivers a graphical, grid display. Each View allows search results to appear in a way that makes it easier to select photos or videos from a large number of results.