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LMS Integrations

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Digital Repository and Your LMS

Many institutions use EQUELLA as an integrated tool to discover, contribute and import content into their courses. EQUELLA comes with integration functionality and a comprehensive API toolkit that enable institutions to maximize their investment by incorporating EQUELLA's learning objects across their eLearning infrastructure.

LMS Integration Diagram 1

Integrations exist with the following learning management systems:



Connecting your institutional repository with your LMS offers a variety of benefits:

Provides easy access for multiple users

EQUELLA's LMS integration allows users to contribute, search and select digital repository content from within the LMS. No need for faculty or course designers to change their workflow or processes.

Simultaneously integrates with multiple learning management systems

EQUELLA can be simultaneously integrated with several different LMS systems, so a single content item in EQUELLA can be accessed by people using different learning management systems. Store the content once. Share it anywhere you like.

Switching LMS with EQUELLA eases transition from one learning management system to another

For institutions planning or implementing a change of learning management system, EQUELLA provides a great transition vehicle for your learning content during the switchover. What's more, when your LMS migration is complete, you'll have all the functionality and benefits of a dedicated digital repository to create, store, and share content.

Improves content efficiencies

With EQUELLA, duplication of content is a thing of the past. No longer will the same piece of content reside across multiple courses, creating inefficiencies and version control nightmares. Store once, use many times with EQUELLA. Simple.

Push to LMS

Users can now choose to either contribute EQUELLA content to a course within the LMS, or can directly contribute resources into a Moodle or Blackboard Learn course without having to separately access the LMS. This enables users to push content to a course (or multiple courses) directly from EQUELLA. Users can actively sort by date, name, or course and edit the information tagged to an individual item as part of the process of pushing the content to the LMS.  Users also have the ability to push content to courses that are not currently live, manage external resources, and update items in bulk.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

EQUELLA is LTI provider and consumer compliant, equipping users with the ability to configure LTI tools and complete an LTI launch from inside EQUELLA and an associated third party tools, including LMSes, ePortfolio systems, attachment and content authoring tools. 

Integration experience enhancements

Many users experience EQUELLA through an integration screen within the institution's LMS.  EQUELLA includes a streamlined standard integration screen which reduces the number of clicks, introduces drag-and-drop capabilities and incorporates Push to LMS functionality.  Increasing the usability of the EQUELLA integration screens, LMS users have access to a more intuitive resource selection user interface and the addition of Save and Share Search functionality.

Canvas integration

The integration with emerging CanvasĀ® LMS responds to the need for clients to access a unified, validated and supported integration.  Built to seamlessly utilise the EQUELLA integration experience, this solution makes use of LTI as the key technical bridge in the integration.