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Copyright Management

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EQUELLA enables users to create, manage and search for copyright compliant content such as images, audio, video, packaged content, web links, text, PDF and documents.

Distinct holding collections

The solution readily provides two separate holding collections to easily differentiate the types of copyright content--typically a book collection and a journal collection.


Record of materials

Copyrighted items that are contributed to holding collections contain a record of the book or journal content and include titles, authors, and editors details. This simplifies the process of adding metadata for copyright materials, and allows users to search Z39.50 library servers via various cataloguing types.


Copyright compliancy

EQUELLA's copyright compliancy features include the ability to activate specific attachments for particular periods within a course, ensuring compliance with local copyright laws, while automatically tracking and reporting on content usage.

These features facilitate an unrestricted amount of copyright material that can be contributed to the repository but do limit the amount of copied content active at any time.