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Digital Rights Management

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Extend digital rights management (DRM) via attribution of ownership across courses and delivery platforms, to provide educators and students with the capability to protect their content, with various levels of access rights to allow for appropriate sharing of content.

DRM with Text


Moral rights ownership

EQUELLA records all accesses and acceptances to DRM protected materials, protecting moral rights ownership for instructors by ensuring only authorized and acknowledged usage of content.


Copyright licensing

Displaying copyright licensing conditions on purchased content for end user acceptance and tracking usage.

EQUELLA displays and incorporates permissions by which individuals legitimately perform actions, including viewing, copying or modifying digital content.


Content usage limitations

EQUELLA offers various DRM options, including

  • Timed release
  • Maximum number of users
  • Reporting on use
  • Listing of rights
  • Inclusion of acceptance clauses, allowing you to specify IP domains and referred URLs from which access is permitted.