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Metadata and Workflow

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EQUELLA provides:

Access extended functionality for electronic resources, eReserve and eCollections, including advanced metadata management (IEEE LOM and many other schemas) through a configurable contribution wizard to increase resource collaboration and ensure effective cataloguing.

EQUELLA allows for multiple workflow engines, from simple to complex, with the flexibility to independently configure, maintain and develop the institutional repository.

Workflows in EQUELLA establish a quality assurance process for content that ensures its value to users. To improve the usability of existing functionality, users can now utilise; notifications via RSS and email, task commenting, manual escalation dates, and task management.


EQUELLA Metadata Utility (EMU) - Bulk metadata management 

The EQUELLA Metadata Utility (EMU) allows for easier access to bulk metadata editing tools.  This capability enables users to view items, update, replace and add text to metadata nodes. Users will also be able to bulk edit every metadata node, ensuring seamless metadata management.