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Create, Store and Share Research Content

As institutions globally seek ways to manage and share their research content, many are discovering EQUELLA capabilities as a research repository.

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Access a collaborative and continuous research community

Access to an open repository provides a public source of research resources and data for searching and OAI harvesting by institutions worldwide. Adding value and credibility through research citation and collaboration, researchers can network to obtain the most accurate and high quality resources.

Researchers will benefit from a collaborative and continuous research community who share not only resources, but also a collective repository environment for broadening communication and cooperation.


Disseminate content to the global community

Enabling open access of research content, EQUELLA ensures high accessibility and availability, as well as wider global dissemination of research publications. This increases the overall outreach of research materials, providing researchers with the extended ability to have their research rapidly reach greater borders.

EQUELLA can protect your materials through built-in Digital Rights Management and copyright compliancy features.


Increase awareness and engagement in research content

EQUELLA's workflows allow for internal and external review of research publications through a tailored and highly configurable contribution wizard. The ability to utilise peer or public review, approval, authorising and publishing of all content increases resource awareness and overall document quality.


Store and manage research publications

The institutional repository facilitates a high level of inclusive storage and management of research publications, including articles, papers, theses and other research data and information. EQUELLA also provides users with secure storage options, allowing for the restriction of access and permissions, including view or edit, to owners, groups or roles.