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Five Canadian jurisdictions use EQUELLA to improve management and sharing of a wide selection of high quality teaching and learning resources.

“Iowa's goal in creating a digital repository is to provide equity and diversity of curriculum for all of our students statewide — rural and urban. Through EQUELLA, we are able to provide our teachers and students with access to content, be it courses, units, lessons, activities or resources, and weave them together for a powerful learning experience so that all of our students benefit from engaging digital content.”

Nancy Movall,
ARRA Ed Tech Grant Specialist and Project Manager,
Iowa Department of Education


“We want students to have the ability to access, work with, remix, create, and share digital resources in ways that haven't been possible before. We believe that by working together, we'll achieve greater outcomes that actually benefit, not just the students in the Calgary Board of Education, but in fact students across all five of the jurisdictions that are participating.”

Brant Parker,
Innovation and Learning Technologies, Calgary Board of Education


“We're really excited to be a part of this collaborative core initiative, in our world today where the expectations on teachers continue to grow. Our initiative to expand our classrooms, to have classrooms without walls, and to bring in outside experts to make it easy for our teachers to access those resources, is going to be a huge plus for us. So federated search, the ability to share content is going to be a big advantage for teachers in our system.”

Bevan Devene,
Golden Hills School District


Increasing Access to High Quality, Affordable Digital Learning Objects that Drive Student Achievement


Technology innovation is providing K-12 schools with greater access to high-quality and affordable digital learning content. Whether it's the ability to easily search and harvest vetted open educational resources from multiple websites, or tag that content to align with Common Core Standards or regional curriculum expectations and outcomes, digital content management technology gives educators the power to create effective instructional materials that meet students' educational needs.

With the EQUELLA digital repository, school states and districts, Departments of Education and Ministries of Education across states, provinces and territories are improving student performance and outcomes by providing shared access to their most valuable learning content and assets.


With a single point of entry to browse, search, upload, download, update, rate and reuse learning content the repository enables teachers and administrators to share engaging and standards-based digital content to improve their curriculum.


EQUELLA helps educators find the best content for any learning experience, in order to increase student achievement and drive their success.


By enabling users to rate and comment on individual content items, learning materials that are particularly effective can gain more visibility and widespread usage.


By working together to identify, manage, create and share the best learning content, educators can make sure students are studying and learning with the most effective and engaging materials available.



Using EQUELLA to Align Learning Content to Common Core Standards and Outcomes

Content stored within EQUELLA can be tagged to state and national curriculum standards. EQUELLA's capabilities in this area enable institutions to implement clearer, more consistent, and rigorous curriculum-based standards for K-12 institutions that are aligned to college and workforce expectations. States such as Kentucky are using EQUELLA to align K-12 learning content with Common Core Standards, allowing teachers statewide to find learning content.
Iowa's EQUELLA repository, known as reSource Iowa, supports online education in collaboration with Iowa Learning Online, an initiative of the Iowa Department of Education designed to help local schools expand student learning opportunities through online education.



Using EQUELLA to Deliver Valuable Learning Resources that Align to Regional Curriculum Expectations and Outcomes

To access and share the best available content, and give their students more opportunities to learn diverse topics, schools in Calgary, British Columbia, Nunavut, and Ontario are partnering with Pearson and using EQUELLA to improve their content management processes.